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Omega Rehab Services, an El Paso wellness clinic, offers therapy and rehab to both adults and children for various conditions. Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate services for all those who have various neurological, sensory processing, and developmental needs.

Our focus is on functional, measurable outcomes in an environment that is natural, yet structured for success. We focus on family education and recognize the family as an integral part of therapy treatment. Our goal is to have all of our patients feel better than they were before they walked through our doors.

Omega Physical Therapy
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Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy

At Omega Rehab Services, we believe that everyone should be able to communicate and live their lives pain-free and open to communication.

As a wellness clinic, we believe in prevention and effective treatment. We have plenty of therapeutical and rehabilitation services that can aid you in living the most comfortable life that you can.

Omega Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational
Therapy Procedure

Joint Therapy  |  Adult Re-Training  |  Therapeutic Exercise

Omega Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational
Therapy Procedure

Joint Therapy

Adult Re-Training

Therapeutic Exercise


Cryotherapy  |  Electrical Stimulation

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Electrical Stimulation

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Speech Therapy

 Cognitive Disorders  |  Voice Disorders

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Speech Therapy

Cognitive Disorders

Voice Disorders

Providing Preventative Health Measures for Our Patients

One of the most important aspects of wellness and healthy living is prevention. We want to stop all of our clients’ problems and issues before they get worse. Taking preventative health measures is very important in living a long and happy life. We offer an 8-point inspection for your total wellness and over health that analyzes your body in order to determine where you are the most and least healthy, which can hopefully help you take preventative measures towards better health in the future. This is to help prevent future issues that can, over time, decrease your quality of life.

8-Point Inspection for Total Wellness

Full Body Composition Measurements

Obesity Analysis

Abdominal Obesity Analysis

Cumulative Body Change Graph

Overall Evaluation

Body Balance Assesment

Weight Control Targets

Extracellular Water Ratio

Segmental Body Fat Mass/ Segmental Muscle

Mass by Body Parts

Impedance by Body Parts and by Frequencies

Wellness for the Entire Family

Here at Omega Rehab Services, we know that family is everything. Your children deserve only the best care that anyone can provide. We believe that every child deserves to be heard and that they deserve to live their lives as healthy and happy as possible. We want to help your children with language and speech issues properly communicate with those around them. Our vision is for each child to learn how to play, function, and be successful in developing practical and social skills necessary for their everyday life.

Committed to Your Health

Our team here at Omega Rehab Services is deeply committed to making you the best that you can be. Our team members have over 30 combined years of experience. We serve every one of every age. Joseph Olowe PT, DPT, MBA has been practicing physical therapy and physical rehabilitation for several decades, even before he opened up Omega Rehab Services in 1998. This is Dr. Olowe’s passion and he truly cares for the health and well-being of his community. He has even made it available to provide transportation for qualifying patients. You are guaranteed top-of-the-line care once you walk in through our doors.

Insurance Illustration

Insurances Accepted

The insurances that we accept include but are not limited to:

• Blue Cross Blue Sheild

• Chip

• Dept Veterans Affairs

• Medicare

• Medicaid

• New Mexico Medicaid

• Texas Medicaid

• United Healthcare (All Plans)

• Worker’s Comp

• Cigna/Care Centrix

We also accept cash, check, credit, debit, and copays.

Financing options are available.

Ask Us Anything

If you have any questions about your treatment, a referral, or anything else pertaining to our services, please do not hesitate to call us at (915) 771-8523, or visit us at 8700 Montana Ave El Paso, TX 79925.

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